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In this restorative dentistry testimonial, Beth describes her experience at the Center for Dental Excellence. Her oral surgeon and orthodontist referred her to Dr. Narcisi after a tragic accident. She describes our team as professional and knowledgeable.

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The reason for my first visit here is I was in an accident. I was running on the side of the road, and I got hit by a minivan going 50 miles an hour, and I took a lot of the hit to my face, and I got a lot of my teeth knocked out, caved in. So I came here because I got referred by my oral surgeon and my orthodontist, which is very impressive. They told me that Dr. Narcisi does great artistry work, and not too many people, you know, get referred by, you know, their oral surgeons and their orthodontist. What made me comfortable to choose him is just for that fact, that they said that he was great for the artistry and I needed a lot of work done with my mouth. And as you see, he did a great job. These results affected my life in a way I got my confidence back. When I was in my accident, I stopped smiling, you know, I just lost my confidence, and also, I forgot, that I can chew again. I can actually eat food again, and it's so good to be able to actually chew my food and enjoy it. His professionalism is what impressed me the most. Like when you would come in here and, like, even Joanne at the desk would greet you and you would come in. And him and Franny work together. Like, I call them the A-team because they know exactly . . . Like, he don't even have to tell her what to hand him, when he's working in your mouth. Those two are, like, in sync. It's great. The team around the doctor is very knowledgeable, and they made me feel comfortable. Like, when you come to the dentist, you're nervous, you don't like sitting in the chair, and Fran would tell you exactly what she's doing. She would be taking imprints, she would say, "I'm going to do X-rays," and set me up properly. And I had total confidence in them. I would just like to say thank you for this great smile, and you changed my life. I'm so happy. I got my confidence back. I just feel great. Thank you so much.

Dr. Edward Narcisi, DMD

Edward Narcisi, DMD

Dr. Narcisi is devoted to helping patients achieve stunning, healthy smiles through comprehensive dental care. He is a member of many prestigious associations, including: 

  • American Dental Association
  • Pennsylvania Dental Association
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry 
  • Academy of Osseointegration 

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