How to Maintain Porcelain Veneers By drednarcisi on January 20, 2023

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As a leading provider of porcelain veneers in Pittsburgh, the Center for Dental Excellence knows just how impactful these restorations can be when it comes to your self-image. While they are designed to be incredibly durable, there are still things you’ll need to keep in mind to get the most out of them, for as long as possible. Our Pittsburgh, PA, dentists have put together the following tips on how to maintain porcelain veneers.

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

To keep your porcelain veneers looking flawless for years to come, it’s crucial to practice good oral hygiene to prolong the life of the wafer-thin shells and natural teeth.

  • Brush your teeth twice daily for two minutes with fluoride toothpaste.
  • Floss your teeth once daily to remove dental plaque between teeth and along the gum line.
  • Use mouthwash that’s alcohol-free; excessive exposure to alcohol could soften the bonding agent that holds your veneers to your teeth. Your dentist can recommend brands that don’t impact the integrity of your veneers.

Steer Clear of Potentially Harmful Foods and Drinks

There are foods that could wind up harming your veneers as well as your natural teeth. Chewing on ice or hard candy can damage both, resulting in chips and cracks — the kinds of blemishes that led you to get porcelain veneers in the first place.

Coffee, wine, and food dyes, fortunatel won't alter your veneers; however, they can still stain your natural teeth. This could cause a noticeable difference in color when it comes to teeth with veneers attached and your natural teeth.

Guard Against Physical Damage

If you clench or grind your teeth while sleeping — a condition known as bruxism — your veneers may suffer wear and tear. Additionally, participating in contact sports — such as football, wrestling, or basketball — can place your veneers at a higher risk of being damaged. You may wish to speak to your dentist about being fitted for a mouthguard to protect your porcelain veneers.

Avoid Smoking and Tobacco Products

Tobacco products are bad for your health in general, but they can be particularly detrimental to your oral health. To protect the pearly-white appearance of your veneers, refrain from smoking cigarettes and using other tobacco products that can damage or stain your natural teeth and veneers.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

While veneers won’t suffer the kind of deterioration and decay as teeth, you’ll want to maintain healthy teeth and gums to support them. If you have porcelain veneers, we recommend you visit your our Pittsburgh office every six months for teeth cleaning and to ensure your cosmetic restorations are still in excellent shape.

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