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Pittsburgh Dental BridgesLosing a tooth when you are an adult can cause self-consciousness and anxiety. What’s more, a gap in your teeth can make it difficult to eat or speak and can even lead to an uneven bite and jaw pain over time. There are several restorative dentistry methods for replacing a missing tooth, and one of the most tried and true methods is the placement of a dental bridge. Dr. Edward Narcisi, DMD, has fitted hundreds of qualified cosmetic dentistry patients in the Pittsburgh area with dental bridges. But not everyone is a good candidate for a dental bridge. How can you find out if you are qualified? 

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a prosthetic piece that can be used to replace one or more missing teeth. Healthy teeth on either side of the gap are used as anchors to hold the dental bridge in place much like posts on either side of a bridge, which explains the name. A dental bridge can be temporary and removable - a popular option while awaiting dental implants - or it can be made permanent through crown or implant procedures.

Am I a Good Dental Bridge Candidate?

If you are missing one or more teeth, then it is likely that you are a good candidate for a dental bridge. But there are some qualifications that can help your dentist decide on a treatment plan:

  • One or More Missing Teeth: If you are missing one or even several teeth, a dental bridge can help fill in the gaps. But if you are missing a significant number of teeth, a dental bridge may not be enough to solve the problem. In this case, your dentist will likely recommend dentures. 
  • Healthy Gums and Anchor Teeth: Because of the structural nature of dental bridges, you will need strong and healthy gums and teeth on either side of the bridge that can hold the dental bridge in place.

If you are considering a dental implant-supported dental bridge, there are more factors that you and your dentist must take into consideration: 

  • A Strong and Sturdy Jawbone: Dental implants consist of one or more titanium posts implanted directly into the jawbone - as the post bonds with the bone, it becomes a strong and secure anchor for your dental bridge. Because of this, candidates for dental implants should have a jawbone that is capable of taking the pressure of surgery and implantations. If your jawbone is weak, your dentist may recommend bone grafts or an alternative treatment plan.
  • Good Habits: The placement of dental implants is a complex surgical procedure, involving several steps over a series of months. Before starting, your dentist will want you to have as good a chance of success as possible. If you smoke or grind your teeth at night, discuss this with your dentist.  

Contact Your Dental Bridge Specialist Today

A broken, damaged, or missing tooth does not have to be a permanent problem. With the work of a skilled restorative dentist, you can return your smile to its former beauty and function. Contact the cosmetic and restorative dentistry office of Edward Narcisi, DMD, to schedule a consultation and learn more about your options.

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