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Types of Dental Implants

At the Center for Dental Excellence in Monroeville, PA, we offer various types of dental implants, all of which are customized to fit the individual needs of our patients. We believe that because each patient has unique oral health issues, we must be able to provide you with the solution that will offer the greatest benefits and help you achieve the fuller, more functional smile you desire. Dr. Edward Narcisi has extensive knowledge and skill in providing a wide range of implant reconstruction and restorations, each of which can be personalized to correct everything from a single missing tooth to a full dental arch replacement.

Types of Implant Restorations

We work closely with a trusted oral surgeon to ensure that the placement of your dental implants is successful so that we can ensure your restoration will help you achieve the best results. Once the implant posts have been properly placed and you have fully healed from the surgery, Dr. Narcisi and his team can attach the customized attachment. Depending on the number of missing teeth and the specific needs of the patient, we can offer a number of restorations, including an implant-supported bridge, single tooth crowns, implant-retained overdentures, All-on-4®, and Teeth-in-a-Day­­. 

Implant-supported bridge

Implant-Supported Bridge: For patients who are missing several teeth but who do not require a full arch replacement, two implants can be placed on each side of the gap. Dr. Narcisi will work with a trusted laboratory for the creation of the bridge, which will be customized to match the color, shape, and size of your gums and teeth. The bridge will then be attached directly to the implant posts, helping you achieve a stronger, more durable solution to a traditional bridge.

Single tooth implant

Single Tooth Implants: With a single missing tooth, the implant can be placed by your oral surgeon and Dr. Narcisi can provide a beautiful, custom-crafted crown to be attached. This tooth replacement solution can be effective for patients missing a single anterior or posterior tooth.

We believe that because each patient has unique oral health issues, we must be able to provide you with the solution that will offer the greatest benefits.

Implant-retained overdenture

Implant-Retained Overdenture: Unlike a traditional denture that rests directly on the gums and can cause issues such as shifting and gum irritation, an implant-retained overdenture is secured directly to the implants. Patients who require a full arch replacement and who also have adequate bone strength to support the implants are good candidates for this procedure. It offers incredible aesthetics, a restored bite, and can help preserve gum and bone tissue.

All-on-4: This advanced technique relies on four strategically placed implants that are used as the base for your restoration. Working closely with your oral surgeon, we can fabricate your prosthesis for a precise fit. This option can be more cost effective than traditional dental implants while still delivering an effective solution.

Teeth-in-a-Day: With proper planning and close collaboration with your oral surgeon, we can fabricate your prosthesis prior to your procedure and attach your new restoration either on the same day or the day after you receive your implants. This is an excellent option for the right patient, as it offers great convenience and still delivers the fuller, more functional smile you are seeking.

Discuss Your Options with the Doctor

After a thorough examination, Dr. Narcisi can recommend the best option for you. If you would like to learn more about which type of dental implants will help you achieve the very best results, please contact us online to schedule your consultation. You can also call the Center for Dental Excellence at (412) 373-9447 to speak with a member of our staff. 

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