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Benefits of Dental Implants: Improving the Health and Aesthetics of Your Smile

If you are missing teeth, you have several options for tooth replacement, including dental implants. Unlike other restorations such as a denture or a dental bridge, there are many great benefits of dental implants that are not provided by some of the more traditional options. At the Center for Dental Excellence in Monroeville, PA, Dr. Edward Narcisi works with a team of skilled oral surgeons who can place your dental implants so that you can enjoy the many life-changing benefits of this advanced restoration.

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A Fuller and More Functional Smile

The primary reason patients request dental implants is because they need to restore one or more missing teeth. Dental implants can replace a single missing tooth, several missing teeth, or an entire dental arch. As a result, implants are the gold standard for most dental professionals. The various types of dental implants, which include single tooth replacement, implant-retained overdentures, All-on-4, and Teeth-in-a-Day, can all help patients achieve a fuller and more functional smile.

A Solution That Can Last a Lifetime

Dental implants are surgically placed directly into your jawbone. The implants then fuse directly with the jaw in a process called osseointegration, providing a permanent solution for missing teeth. These strong tooth root replacements can often last a lifetime with proper care. Alternatively, Other restorations, may require replacement after several years and may be more prone to damage and additional treatments. While dental implants may be more costly up front, they are often viewed as an investment into your overall oral health.

More Than Just Aesthetic Benefits

One of the great benefits of dental implants that is often overlooked is the oral health benefits the restoration can offer. When a patient experiences tooth loss, the jawbone no longer receives the proper stimulation it needs to keep the jawbone tissue strong and healthy. As a result, bone atrophy can occur, causing the jawbone tissue surrounding the missing teeth to recede. As the bone and surrounding gum tissue weakens, your facial structure can become compromised and begin to collapse, leading to jowls and a drooping mouth. When an implant is placed, the bone once again receives the stimulation it needs to keep the bone tissue strong and healthy. Therefore, dental implants can help prevent a prematurely aged appearance, protect against bone atrophy, and decrease the risk of periodontal disease.

Find Out if Implants Are Right for You

If you would like to learn more about how implants can help you achieve a fuller, happier, and more functional smile, Dr. Narcisi and his team at Center for Dental Excellence can determine your candidacy and discuss which type of dental implant restoration can deliver the best results for your needs. Contact us online today to schedule your consultation or call our office at (412) 373-9447 to speak to a member of our staff. 

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