Repair Damaged or Decayed Teeth with Dental Crowns

If you have a severely decayed or damaged tooth, a dental crown can restore the integrity of your smile and protect against further damage. These tooth-shaped restorations are crafted from a variety of high-quality dental materials, including ceramic, zirconia, and porcelain-fused-to-metal. Crowns cover the entire tooth structure to provide strength and stability. At the Center for Dental Excellence in Monroeville, PA, Dr. Edward Narcisi can design traditional porcelain crowns and implant-retained restorations that blend seamlessly with neighboring teeth.

Candidates for Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are functionally versatile and used in both cosmetic and restorative treatments. In addition to their aesthetic presentation, they also improve oral health by strengthening weakened teeth. You may be a candidate for dental crowns if:

  • You have damaged or decayed teeth
  • Your teeth are fractured or chipped
  • Your bite is not functioning properly
  • You have recently undergone root canal therapy 
  • You are restoring a single dental implant

During a consultation, Dr. Narcisi can evaluate your bite and smile to determine if placing a crown is the appropriate course of action for your health needs. 

Aesthetic and Restorative Benefits of Dental Crowns

When the teeth fit together properly, all elements have to work together for optimal function. A properly balanced bite reduces the risk of both tooth erosion and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. Crowns can also minimize sensitivity and protect a weakened tooth.

In addition to restoring function, tooth-colored crowns can dramatically enhance the aesthetic of your smile. Crowns can alter the shape of a natural tooth, adding height or width where necessary for a symmetrical, balanced smile. Because our porcelain crowns are also stain-resistant, patients do not have to worry about discoloration.

A modified tooth receives a dental crown.

Traditional crowns fit directly on top of a tooth like a cap or helmet to protect it from future damage or infection. 

What to Expect at Your Appointment

Receiving a dental crown is a fairly straightforward procedure. Our team at the Center for Dental Excellence typically breaks down treatment into distinct phases:

  • Initial Consultation: To determine your candidacy for a dental crown, Dr. Narcisi will perform a thorough oral assessment. This will include digital x-rays, an important step which will help him evaluate the health of the underlying jawbone.
  • Preparing the Tooth: To prepare the tooth, Dr. Narcisi must slightly reduce its structure to make room for your restoration. He will also remove any damaged or decayed tissue.
  • Impressions: Once the tooth is prepared, we can take impressions of your teeth. We can use these to create models of your mouth and fabricate your restoration. Until the final restoration is complete, Dr. Narcisi can place a temporary crown to protect your tooth.
  • Final Placement: Once your final crown is ready, we can schedule your final appointment to remove the temporary crown and place your permanent restoration. Before bonding the crown, Dr. Narcisi will check the fit and make any necessary adjustments.

If you are replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant, we can work in conjunction with your surgeon to design and attach a highly aesthetic crown. With attentive at-home care and regular check-ups, your restoration can last for ten years or more. 

Strengthen Your Smile

If you have damaged or decayed teeth, dental crowns may be a solution for you. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Narcisi, call our office at (412) 373-9447 or contact us online.

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